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Franklin Heights (Project Based Voucher Program)

Franklin Heights, LLC's focus will be helping the individual and the community. The only way to assist the person is to help them become self-sufficient. Franklin Heights, LLC is taking an initiative role by being able to implement the Project Based Voucher Program (PBVP). The PBVP is driven by the PBVP Guidelines. Unless the individual is under the exempt rule (elderly, handicapped, etc. with proper documentation); all the PBVP Guidelines will apply to those tenants that do not fall under the exempt status. The tenants that fall under the exempt status will have to abide by all the other rules that are not driven by the FSS program.


The PBVP Guidelines are as follows:


          The applicant/tenant understands that this is a qualified housing program, which requires tenants to be elderly, disabled, or participating in a supportive services (Family Self Sufficiency) program.

          The applicant/tenant must maintain employment. (Should the tenant become unemployed, Franklin Heights, LLC will give sufficient time to remedy the situation. The allotted time will be four weeks. If an extension is needed the participant can summit a request for consideration. Franklin Heights, LLC reserves the right to grant an extension at their discretion.)

          The applicant/tenant is required to have a savings account or to open one.

          The applicant/tenant is required to meet with the FSS coordinator and come up with goals geared to attain self-sufficiency.

          The applicant/tenant is required to have plans for transportation and childcare. The FSS program will assist with options for childcare and transportation.

          The applicant/tenant must pay their housing payments in a timely manner. If the tenant is deemed a habitual offender, Franklin Heights, LLC reserves the right to end other housing assistance.

A.     Funding Sources: Tenant Rents.

B.      Eligibility Requirements: Families or elderly individuals with income below 50% of the area median income

C.      Location: Kelley Street, Lincoln Circle, East Bruce, Hill, Broad, East Gay, Myrtle, Sterling, Norwood, East Johnson, Reservoir Street & Myers Avenue




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