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J.R. Polly Lineweaver & Lineweaver Annex

Location: 265 North Main Street

Manager: Lisa Benasher

Phone: 540-433-0788


J.R. "Polly" Lineweaver Apartments

The J. R. "Polly" Lineweaver Apartments is an elderly housing development owned and operated by the Authority.  The Lineweaver is a five-story, 61 unit, Section 8 New Construction Project consisting of 47 efficiencies and 14 one-bedroom apartments.  HRHA is allowed a contract rent for each unit from HUD.  HUD then pays the Authority the difference between 30% of the monthly-adjusted income of the tenants in the units and the HUD established contract rent for the units.


A.    Funding Source: HUD

B.     Eligibility Requirements: 62 years of age or disabled with income below 80% of the area median income


Lineweaver Annex Apartments

The Lineweaver Annex is a 60 unit, one-bedroom addition to the J. R. "Polly" Lineweaver Apartments.  This addition is for the elderly and disabled with incomes at or below 60% of the area median income. The rent is $500 per month including all utilities.  The tenant is required to pay the full rent amount.


A.    Funding Source: Tenant Rents

B.     Eligibility Requirements: 55 years of age or disabled with income below 60% of the area median income.



Polly Lineweaver Solar Array

Link to Polly Lineweaver Solar Array live statistics page





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