Help us Build a Garden

Due to delays, state orders, and safety issues associated with the coronavirus (COVID19), the Franklin Heights Garden Program has been delayed until Spring/Summer 2021. Thank you for your support!

After positive results from an initial garden survey to residents in 2019, HRHA began moving forward with two community garden projects for individuals and families living in Franklin Heights. Located along Kelley and Reservoir streets, the two new community gardens are set to open Spring 2021/2022.

Local ecological landscape company Natural Garden is partnering with HRHA to develop garden plans that are accessible, inclusive, and restorative. Over the next year we will be hosting resident planning meetings, inviting financial support from our community, and planning summer events around growing, harvesting, and cooking. We cannot do this without your support.

Please consider supporting this project financially, through volunteering, or helping spread the word.

The proposed location for the
Reservoir Street Garden – Summer 2020.
HRHA currently mows the lot through
the growing months and the
location/landscape is not suitable
to build affordable housing.

We need your support to make this garden possible!

garden sketch including garden boxes, trees, and sign. pencil drawing

An initial sketch of the Reservoir Street garden by The Natural Garden. Primary goals include raised beds for accessibility, while long term goals include seating spaces and tree plantings.