HRHA received notice of MtW Application Approval in January 2021. We are working on updating this page to provide revised proposals, opportunities to provide feedback, and more. Please check back soon!


What is Moving to Work (MtW) Designation?

HRHA has been selected to participate in the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) cohort #1 of the Moving to Work expansion. Participation in the MtW expansion allows HRHA to develop local policies to meet MtW objectives, as well as flexibility on some spending. 

What Moving to Work Designation IS:

  • Opportunities for HRHA and HUD to design and test approaches for providing and administering housing assistance.
  • MtW provides HRHA flexibility on spending and policy-making to make changes that better expand housing choice and participant self-sufficiency, while reducing administrative burden and costs.

What Moving to Work Designation is NOT: 

  • MTW does not mean less oversight and transparency. MtW agencies remain subject to the full range of HUD monitoring, oversight, and evaluation efforts. Public comment, input from residents and participants, and community collaboration is required throughout the process.
    HRHA adopts local policies and program changes –> HUD evaluates the overall impacts of the changes.
  • MTW does not include program-wide employment requirements! While we will aim to increase opportunities for resident and participant self-sufficiency we are NOT pursuing program-wide employment requirements.
  • MTW does not mean cutting the number of households we serve. MTW requirements include continuing to assist substantially the same total number of families