Help us Build a Garden!

After positive results from an initial garden survey to residents in 2019, HRHA began moving forward with two community garden projects for individuals and families living in Franklin Heights. Follow up surveys were completed in Summer 2020 along with a $5,000 grant through JMU Dining and the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.

COVID-19 and new opportunities with Moving to Work designation have delayed our launch. Construction is now slated for February/March 2021. 

We are grateful for the financial support of:

We need community support to make this garden a reality. There are a couple ways you can support:

  1. Volunteer your time! We are looking for garden educators, box builders, fence layers, and more! We will add you to our volunteer list and let you know about upcoming opportunities to help out.
  2. Support us financially! We will be purchasing materials for garden beds, tools to work the soil, and materials for residents like cookbooks. Your donation helps make the garden a reality this year.
  3. Spread the word! Let your friends, families, faith communities, and organizations know about our goal. A community garden takes a community investment.
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Live in Harrison Heights and interested in having your own garden box? Click the button below to request a garden box!

Garden box with plants

Raised garden boxes or beds provide easy access to plants, keep gardens contained and organized, and help protect plants from getting damaged.

The Kelley St garden will contain 10 raised beds in a fenced in area. The Garden is located on Kelley St across from Lincoln circle and will be jointly managed by HRHA and residents.

Help us transform this grassy lot into a space for growing food and community.