Using A Voucher:

Here’s how the voucher program works:

  • Families complete an application to be place on the waiting list
  • HRHA selects from the waiting list and determines eligibility
  • HRHA issues a housing choice voucher and the family searches for housing
  • Family and landlord submit a Request for Tenancy Approval
  • HRHA reviews request to see if:
    • The requested rent amount is reasonable
    • Rent is affordable based on verified family income (Rent Calculator)
    • The unit is in decent, safe and sanitary condition
  • Upon tenancy approval, family and landlord sign lease agreement; landlord and HRHA execute HAP contract
  • Family moves in, pays rent and utilities
  • After admission to the program, all household members must abide by the Family Obligations, including reporting changes, to remain on the program.

Searching for a Unit

If you have a local HRHA voucher, please call or come to the office to obtain a list of interested landlords. Disclaimer: In compiling this list, HRHA is not attempting in any way to steer or guide participants to any particular landlord or location. HRHA makes no assurances in regards to the listings, including, but not limited to their availability, that a participant will meet the owner / manager’s screening criteria and/or if the unit will pass inspection or be determined “affordable” to the participant. Participants are encouraged to use due diligence in making a rental housing decisions.

Voucher holders are not limited by the HRHA listing, and are encouraged to look at listings in the local newspaper and online.

If you find a landlord who is interested in renting to you but has questions about the voucher program, they should contact the HCV Manager (

Local Moves With a Voucher

If you satisfy these criteria, you may submit a Request to Move form:

  • Your lease is either month-to-month or will expire within 90-120 days OR the owner agrees to a no-fault early lease termination
  • You have not moved within the last 12 months
  • You do not owe an outstanding balance (repayment) to HRHA
  • Your landlord certifies that you are in good standing, in compliance with your lease, including:
    • You do not owe money to the landlord
    • You do not have any damages to the unit
    • That your lease allows for the termination date you have requested

If the landlord says you are not in good standing and provides sufficient proof to establish it, you will not be approved to move with continued assistance, and your voucher may be terminated.

So that HRHA can issue you the proper size voucher and calculate how much you can afford, your reported household income and composition must be current.You will be notified once HRHA determines your eligibility to move. Do not give notice to your landlord unless you are approved to move. HRHA may require you to attend a briefing session to issue you a voucher and/or re-certify your household.