Our Initiatives Focus On Improving Housing Programs In Our Community.

  • Homelessness Focus:

    HRHA leads area initiatives to address the homelessness, through the joint, local 10 Year Plan To End Homelessness and regional Western Virginia Continuum of Care (CoC), a coalition of shelter, housing, and service providers to address and work to end homelessness. HRHA also administers the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) grant and serves as the lead agency for the CoC Grant and Virginia Homeless Solution Grant.

    If you’re a shelter, housing, or supportive services agency in Rockingham, Page, Shenandoah, Warren, Fredrick, or Clarke Counties, learn more about about our CoC and how you can participate in this holistic, collaborative effort to end homelessness in our region, by visiting the Western VA-513 website.

  • Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH);

    In partnership with the City of Harrisonburg , HRHA has annual goals and objectives to actively promote fair housing within the City of Harrisonburg. These activities include training and educational to promote fair housing, use of data to encourage housing in areas of opportunity, testing for equal access, homeownership education, and establishment of a down payment and closing cost assistance program. To learn more about these goals, visit the City of Harrisonburg website to read the full document.

  • Homeownership Program:

    Homeownership Program: As part of an AFFH goal, in 2018 HRHA reestablished a down payment and closing cost assistance program to promote homeownership within the City, to assist low & moderate income (LMI) residents with access to homeownership. Want to apply? Visit our Home Ownership page for an application and more information.

  • Bluestone Town Center

    The Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority (HRHA) anticipates building a mixed-use development on 84 acres at the intersection of Erickson Avenue and Garbers Church Road across from Harrisonburg High School and adjacent to Bluestone Elementary School. This new construction will occur in phases over the next three to six years and will contain about 870 units of mixed-income housing with service-oriented commercial space. The development presents a unique opportunity to create a mix of affordable housing – including for-sale single-family detached and single-family attached; rental single-family attached; traditional multi-story multifamily; and senior housing.

    Bluestone Town Center

Grants Run By HRHA Serve Both Our Clients & Greater Community.

  • Housing Assistant Voucher (HCV)/Section 8 Programs:

    Housing Assistant Voucher (HCV)/Section 8 Programs provide housing assistance to those most vulnerable in our community. Want to apply for HCV/Section 8? Go to our Apply for Housing Assistance page to fill out and submit your application. Interested in learning more about the program? Our Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 Housing page can provide you with the information you need.

  • Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program:

    Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program offers residents of Franklin Heights and Harrison Heights supportive services to find employment and educational opportunities, set goals, budget, and work towards increasing self-sufficiency. Are you a Franklin Heights or Harrison Heights resident? Go to the Family Self-Sufficiency page for an overview of the program and all the latests FSS updates.

  • Service Coordinator Grant:

    Service Coordinator Grant helps residents at the Lineweaver Annex and JR Polly Lineweaver apartment complex connect with local services and is run by staff from the Valley Association of Independent Living. Go to the Service Coordinator page for an overview of the program and all the latest updates.

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG):

    Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) assists in the cost of renovating the Harrison Heights properties and providing closing costs assistance in the homeownership program. Interested in learning more about homeownership assistance? Visit our Home Ownership page for an application and more information.

  • Continuum of Care (CoC) Grant:

    Continuum of Care (CoC) Grant provides federal funds to support the collaboration of community shelters, housing organizations, and service providers in working to address, develop, and implement systems that help those experiencing homelessness.

  • Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Grant:

    Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Grant supports regional HMIS Coordinator, who oversees the local data system. The Coordinator trains area shelter and housing agencies on HMIS, monitors for data quality and control, and utilizes data for local, state, and regional reports that support area funding requests for homeless related services.

  • Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (VHSP) Grant:

    Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (VHSP) Grant provides funds to develop and implement local, emergency housing-crisis systems to serve those most vulnerable with a housing-first approach.

    If you are experiencing a housing crisis, contact the the Centralized Housing Intake hotline at (540) 271-1701.