HCV Program: Portability

Portability – Into Harrisonburg

If you have a voucher elsewhere that you’d like to transfer to the Harrisonburg/Rockingham area:

  • Notify your worker at your current housing authority. They will determine if you are eligible to port.
  • Household composition changes should be processed by the Initial PHA before you port to Harrisonburg.
  • Any changes to your household must be processed by your current housing authority before you port to Harrisonburg.
  • If you are eligible, your housing authority must send your “port packet” to:
    • Harrisonburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority, Attention Liz Webb
    • By Mail – PO Box 1071, Harrisonburg, VA 22803
    • By Fax – 540-432-1113
    • By Email – liz@harrisonburgrha.com
  • When we receive your paperwork, we will contact you to schedule a briefing session and issue you a local voucher. If you do not hear from us within two weeks of your voucher being sent, please contact us.
  • If any of the following items are missing from your packet, you may be asked to submit them before we can issue you a local voucher:
    • Income information for all family members
    • Photo identification for adults
    • Birth certificates and social security cards for all household members
    • Citizenship declaration, with INS verification if applicable, for all family members
    • Information on the family’s participation in FSS; and
    • Information on reasonable accommodation and/or Earned Income Disallowance (EID)
    • Copy of the 30-day notice to move for prior voucher/housing, if applicable
  • After we issue you a local voucher, you can search in the HRHA jurisdiction and submit a tenancy request.
  • HRHA will re-verify your income when it is time to determine your rent amount. If you have never used the voucher before, you must be income eligible in the HRHA jurisdiction.

Porting Out of Harrisonburg

If you have a voucher with HRHA and wish to move to another jurisdiction, complete and submit the Request to Port with your Request to Move form. More details about porting out can be found here.

You must satisfy the criteria for move approval first:

  • Rent is current
  • No outstanding charges
  • Lease in good standing with proper notice
  • No repayment owed to HRHA

Before your request can be processed, you must identify the housing authority serving the area where you wish to move. A searchable database on the HUD website is available. It may take up to two weeks for your request to be processed. For additional information and assistance, contact the HCV Manager, Liz Webb, at (540) 434-7386.