Affordable Housing For Harrisonburg Residents.

Franklin Heights

Property Management Location: 286 Kelley Street
Property Locations: Kelley Street, Lincoln Circle, East Bruce, Hill, Broad, East Gay, Myrtle, Sterling, Norwood, East Johnson, Reservoir Street & Myers Avenue
Phone: (540) 434-7386
Manager: Nehemias Velez

Nestled in historic Northeast community and along Reservoir Street, near Spotswood Elementary School, Franklin Heights provides affordable housing to families and individuals in our area. Franklin Heights 129 units include apartments, townhouses, and single family homes, ranging in size from one to five bedrooms. Recently renovated to certified EarthCraft design, the property consists of 129 units connected to project-based voucher assistance. Eligible families and individuals generally contribute 30% of their adjusted monthly income towards the rent. Non-exempt residents are enrolled in a self-sufficiency program that provides support and resources towards education, work training, and related needs such as childcare and transportation. The units are located in a prime location, with easy access to local support services and amenities. Interested in applying for the Franklin Heights apartments?

  • Eligibility Requirements: Families or elderly individuals with incomes below 50% of median income.

J.R. Polly Lineweaver Apartments & Lineweaver Annex

Location: 265 North Main Street
Phone: 540-433-0788
Manager: Lisa Benasher

J.R. “Polly” Lineweaver Apartments

Located near the heart of downtown Harrisonburg, the J. R. “Polly” Lineweaver Apartments offers affordable housing to elderly and disabled individuals in our community. The Lineweaver Apartments provide 61 units within a five-story building. As a Section 8 New Construction Project, the 61 units consisting of 47 efficiencies and 14 one-bedroom apartments, with tenants only paying 30% of their monthly income towards rent. Residents have access to an on-site property manager and Service Coordinators, who help address needs and connect residents to services. The Lineweaver Apartments are located within walking distance of a grocery store, a department store, public transportation terminal, and local support services. Interested in applying for the J.R. “Polly” Lineweaver Apartments?

  • Eligibility Requirements: 62 years of age or disabled with income below 80% of the area median income
  • Rent Amount: Residents pay 30% of monthly income and remainder paid by contract rent through HUD
Lineweaver Annex Apartments

In addition to the J. R. “Polly” Lineweaver Apartments, the Lineweaver Annex provides 60 one-bedroom units in downtown Harrisonburg. These addition units offers affordable housing for elderly and disabled individuals with incomes at or below 60% of the area median income. Interested in applying for the Lineweaver Annex Apartments?

  • Eligibility Requirements: 55 years of age or disabled with income below 60% of the area median income.
  • Rent Amount: $500 per month, including utilities

Commerce Village Apartments

Location: 21 Elon Rhodes Lane, Harrisonburg VA 22802
Phone: 540-615-5557
Manager: Sandra Lowther

Built in 2015 and designated as permanent supportive housing (PSH), Commerce Village offers affordable housing to chronically homeless and medically vulnerable individuals, and chronically homeless veterans in our community. These 30 one-bedroom apartments are central located within the City of Harrisonburg and provide easy access to public transportation, the historic downtown, and area supportive services. Residents have access to an on-site property manager and Peer Specialist, who help address needs and connect residents to services. Interested in applying for the Commerce Village apartments?

  • Eligibility Requirements: Chronically homeless individual or chronically homeless veterans

HRHA Maintenance

Property Management Location: 286 Kelley Street
Properties Served: Franklin Heights, J.R. “Polly” Lineweaver Apartments, Lineweaver Annex Apartments, and Commerce Village
Phone: 540-434-7386
Manager: Duane Bontrager

The HRHA maintenance team serves residents of our properties by maintaining the units and grounds. If you need something fixed at your unit contact HRHA’s Main Office at (540) 434-7386 to place a work order. A member of the maintenance team will come take care of it as soon as possible. See the full lists of all maintenance items and charges on Documents page.