2020 Five year plan, other administrative plans, available for review and comment through October 4, 2019

The HRHA Board of Commissioner’s August 21 meeting began the start of the public comment period for HRHA’s Annual, 5-year, HCV, and Property plans and policies. HRHA’s first main goal over the next five years includes becoming a Move to Work Agency (MTW). This would grant HRHA increased autonomy in the development of policies to improve program efficiency and effectiveness, increase participant’s self-sufficiency through rent reform strategies, and increase landlord participation to improve housing access. Upon selection into the MTW program, HRHA would develop a team of stakeholders and conduct community outreach and public comment processes related to the MTW goals. The second main goal involves increasing housing opportunities through unit development, private/public partnerships, expanded Fair Housing training, continued dialogue around social justice and neighborhood revitalization, increased communications efforts, and continued leadership in addressing regional homelessness.

Each plan can be reviewed in the Document Center, or by visiting the HRHA office.

Comments can be made by:
Mail:  to 286 Kelley St Harrisonburg VA, 22802 attn Mr. Michael Wong
Email: to wongway@harrisonburgrha.com
Website: through the comment box to the right, sent directly to Mr. Michael Wong
In-Person: during the public comment period at our 4:00 pm September 18 Board Meeting (286 Kelley St)