Liberty Park – 13 Years Later

Before it was a park, HRHA leased the lot on the corner of N. Liberty and W. Wolf St. to the Mercy House Thrift Store. After a fire in August 1997 destroyed the building, the space was converted to a parking lot. Years later, a local non-profit working on Black’s Run restoration began talks with the City and HRHA. In 2005/2006 HRHA provided an easement for the land to Harrisonburg City and worked with a number of community partners to bring Liberty Park to life. This accessible park is now managed by Harrisonburg City Parks and Recreation, creating a special place downtown for beauty, rest, events, gardening, and more.



Liberty Park 2005 Liberty Park 2019


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2020 Five year plan, other administrative plans, available for review and comment through October 4, 2019

The HRHA Board of Commissioner’s August 21 meeting began the start of the public comment period for HRHA’s Annual, 5-year, HCV, and Property plans and policies. HRHA’s first main goal over the next five years includes becoming a Move to Work Agency (MTW). This would grant HRHA increased autonomy in the development of policies to improve program efficiency and effectiveness, increase participant’s self-sufficiency through rent reform strategies, and increase landlord participation to improve housing access. Upon selection into the MTW program, HRHA would develop a team of stakeholders and conduct community outreach and public comment processes related to the MTW goals. The second main goal involves increasing housing opportunities through unit development, private/public partnerships, expanded Fair Housing training, continued dialogue around social justice and neighborhood revitalization, increased communications efforts, and continued leadership in addressing regional homelessness.

Each plan can be reviewed through the links below, or in hard copies at the HRHA office.

2020 Five-Year Plan (Proposed)
2020 Annual Plan (Proposed)
2020 HCVP Admin Plan (Proposed)
2020 Commerce Village ACOP (Proposed)
2020 Franklin Heights ACOP (Proposed)
2020 JR Polly Lineweaver ACOP (Proposed)
2020 Lineweaver ACOP (Proposed)

Comments can be made by:
Mail:  to 286 Kelley St Harrisonburg VA, 22802 attn Mr. Michael Wong
Email: to
Website: through the comment box to the right, sent directly to Mr. Michael Wong
In-Person: during the public comment period at our 4:00 pm September 18 Board Meeting (286 Kelley St)

Garden Pride & Local Veggies

HRHA resident Anita was diligently weeding her garden beds this week. The beautiful blooms signaling the height of summer (and the height of weed season). Anita, who has been in HRHA housing for two years, has cultivated the many flower varieties from seed. “I have people stop and look from the road! I also have helped other residents who are interested in growing as well, like flowers or tomatoes.” The beauty of the property is difficult to miss!

Over at Commerce Village, residents have also been working to grow not only flowers, but garden veggies as well. Garden beds not only provide a space for reflection, joy, and good work, but can help support an individual or family’s food budget.

During the summer, the Harrisonburg Farmers Market provides an abundant variety of fruits and vegetables. For individuals or families who qualify for SNAP (The federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), the local farmer’s market (with support from community partners and the Virginia Fresh Match program) provides a matching program. SNAP participants are able to receive up to $20 of additional support to purchase local fruits and vegetables. You can learn more about and contribute to this program at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market Website.

HRHA Welcomes Two New Employees

Vine Adowei and Everett Brubaker joined HRHA this summer. Each hold an M.A. in Communication & Advocacy from JMU and are excited to further the important work of HRHA.

vine adoweiVine is the new Western Virginia Continuum of Care Coordinator. She was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and came to Harrisonburg in 2013 to study at JMU. She became a U.S. citizen in 2018 and is looking forward to working to address homelessness and improve affordable housing in the region.




everett brubakerEverett is the new Resident Services and Communications Coordinator. He was born in Arizona, but has spent most of his growing up years in Harrisonburg. He lives in town with his wife and 6 month old son. Everett is excited to work at improving communication between HRHA and the community, while driving events and expanding opportunities for residents.