As currently designed and contemplated, the Bluestone Town Center Development (“Development”) will introduce approximately 900 units of mixed-income housing with service-oriented commercial space less than five miles from Downtown Harrisonburg. 

Located at the intersection of Garber’s Church Road and Erickson Avenue, the development presents a unique opportunity to develop a mix of housing, including For-Sale Single Family detached and Single-Family Attached, Rental Single-Family Attached, traditional Multi-story Multifamily and Senior Housing at affordable prices across from Harrisonburg High School and adjacent to Bluestone Elementary School.

The Development, made possible by a joint-venture between the Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority & EquityPlus, will feature energy-efficient homes and apartments, for-sale housing eligible for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac MH Advantage, interconnections to the existing trail system in Harrisonburg, and site amenities including pocket parks, playgrounds, HPDT Bus Stops, and walking trails. This development will have a pedestrian-focused environment to increase connectivity and walkability. The development has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to mix housing types across the site to create an inviting environment for both visitors and residents to enjoy.

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