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Resident Services & Communications Coordinator: APPLY now on Indeed! 

Position Description

Position Title: Resident Services and Communications Coordinator

Reports To: Executive Director

Function: Coordinates, directs, and assists in the provision of resident services and leads the Authority’s public communications efforts. Provides data support to the family self-sufficiency program, assists in developing and coordinating programs that improve resident’s education, health, and financial independence. Leads and coordinates the Authority’s homeownership program and communications initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Serves as the Authority’s FSS Coordinator overseeing the administration of that Program in accordance with the Action Plan and grant requirements. Ensures program participants and escrow funds are documented within required data systems and that activities meet or achieve the program goals and objectives.

2. Collaborates with the Housing Choice Voucher, Franklin Heights, JR Polly, Lineweaver Annex, and Commerce Village Program Managers, to identify perspective participants for participation, develops a detailed annual Resident Initiatives Strategy per program area for the approval of the Executive Director. Prepares annual performance assessment and is responsible for achievement of resident services goals.

  • Updates, develops and composes the Authority’s bi monthly newsletter, annual reports, website, and social media. Documents the Authority’s achievements to publish on a routine and regular basis. Assists in the development and implementation of public relations strategies and associated events.
  • Leads and coordinates the Authority’s homeownership down payment and closing costs assistance program consistent with grant requirements. Markets the program to perspective participants and determines eligibility of program participants. Maintains the necessary grant documentation and data reporting requirements
  • Coordinate referrals to and access to community based supportive services for participants including but not limited to mental health, GED programs, employment workshops, financial education, substance abuse with appropriate community agencies.
  • Pro-actively develop and promote self-reliance activities for families including but not limited to Financial Counseling, Homeownership and GED programs. Arrange for education sessions on such topics as tenant rights and responsibilities; elderly abuse; aging-in-place and maintaining independent living.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $42,000.00 – $45,000.00 per year

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Housing Choice Voucher Specialist – APPLY now on Indeed

Position Description

Position Title: Housing Choice Voucher Specialist

Reports To: Housing Choice Voucher Program Manager

Function: Under the direction of the HCV Manager, performs case management activities consistent with the voucher rental assistance program. Accurately maintains a caseload of program participants under HUD regulations and HRHA policies including HRHA’s HCV Administrative Plan.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Provides case management to assigned caseload: maintains participant contact by phone, mail, email and in person. Assures that participants fulfill their responsibility to provide accurate verification and timely submission of required documents. Provides information and training as needed to participants on the use of online forms, portals, and HRHA tools. Complies with fair housing rules, privacy/confidentiality requirements, language accessibility policies, and reasonable accommodations procedures.

2. Interviews and processes eligible households for Section 8 rental assistance, ensuring that applicants understand program rules and complete and sign required documents and forms.

3. Schedules, prepares material for, and conducts participant briefings. Counsels applicants/participants regarding their various options for suitable and qualified housing.

4. Reviews incoming requests for lease approval for rent burden and rent reasonableness, and requests inspections. Contacts owners and prospective owners to explain program requirements, including Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Prepares necessary forms and secures signatures to finalize agreements between participants, landlords/owners and HRHA. Follows up to obtain required documents, forms and signatures from owners

5. Verifies participant income, asset, expense, family, and unit information to correctly determine eligibility and voucher size, and to calculate accurate rent, subsidy, and utility allowance and reimbursement amounts. Provides timely notice of adjustments to participants and owners.

6. Performs reexaminations as needed for required interim and annual certifications, and explains in terms the client understands to ensure compliance with program rules.

7. Communicates with owners and HRHA inspector about any problems/lease violations. Places cases on hold and/or terminates HAP contract as needed.

8. Processes requests for portability (both in and out)

9. Addresses program abuse allegations, issues program warning or notice of termination as needed. Prepares hearing information and participates in hearing as needed.

10. Maintains and updates household and owner files consistent with HCV program standards and agency recordkeeping procedures, including scans/uploads and data entry in HRHA’s software.

11. Provides standard information on HCV program requirements and procedures in response to inquiries from applicants, prospective applicants, owners, participants, and other interested parties.

12. Prepares reports and subsidy payment information as needed. Attends meetings as necessary. Maintains effective working relationships internally with property managers, finance, and family self-sufficiency, as well as with external owners and partners.

13. Performs other related duties and tasks as assigned.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $39,000.00 – $42,000.00 per year

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