Kelley Street Garden 2023

The Kelley Street Garden will be opening up applications again for 2023. If you receive a voucher from HRHA, you are eligible to have your own garden bed and participate in gardening activities.

There are a number of benefits involved, including…

  • Growing your own freshly grown vegetables
  • Cooking with food that you have grown yourself
  • less money spent on eating out
  • building relationships with other residents and master gardeners
  • learning activities about gardening for both youth and adults, and much more!

Important Dates:

April 1st- Harvest Preparation Day

April 15th- Planting Day

If you are interested in participating, please submit the interest form below as soon as possible, as the number of garden beds are limited.


Kelley Street Garden Interest Form

Please complete this form to request a raised garden bed at the Kelley St Garden. Priority will be given to those who live near the garden and can commit to taking care of the garden. If selected, you will be required to sign in commitment to the Garden Guidelines. April 1, 2023- Kelley Street Garden Harvest Preparations April 15, 2023- Kelley Street Garden Planting Day