Resident Reflections on a Pandemic Year

As the pandemic moves into a second year we hold the hope for normalcy alongside the recognition that we are not past the loss, challenges, and need for caution. It has been quite a year, demanding changes that needed to be informed, fast, and flexible. As spring continues and our country ‘opens back up’, our work continues at a rapid pace. 

It has been quite a year for our residents and participants as well. While we have shared resident and participant perspectives throughout the pandemic, we invited a few to share their reflections on the last year and offer their words here.


“To learn in March 2020 that people would soon be sick and many would pass on was awful to hear. I learned I needed to be stronger, wiser, and more caring towards others. I learned a lot of new rules and really a new way of life. I learned that every day when I get out of bed I will have to make it count because tomorrow it never promised. My hardest challenge this year was learning my grandma had COVID. Even harder was learning I only had a little time left with the lady that had raised me and taught me everything. Sadly I did lose her in March of 2021 to COVID and pneumonia…I am hopeful my son and I will be better than ever because I know she is watching and guiding us all the way.” – Ashley G.

HRHA resident Sheila and her two sons at the Franklin Heights Community Clean Up Day. April 3, 2021

“In 2020, my biggest challenge was not working. COVID-19 is really scary. People dying, people I know dying, it’s really scary. Biggest challenge was also getting to know myself the past year, especially when we had the lockdown. Made you think about life a lot, goals, where you really want to be in life, and how to get things accomplished. It’s crazy how you were planning your future and then one big thing happens, and this time it happened to the whole world…I am looking forward to a healthy life, to accomplish the goals I have. I am also excited for my daughter to start college and also one day I want to be a home owner. I also had an opportunity to get another job this year so I’m grateful for it. Praying that the world will come in peace and there will be a solution for COVID-19. I thank God for everything I have. I’m glad for the help from FSS, knowing someone is there to help you reach your goals.” – Allonia A.

“I have learned many things this past year 2020…Since having to sit at home I have used this time to go back to college and trying to be able to open up a food truck business, praying by the end of this year. The hardest part of 2020 was not seeing my children in person. Thank God for video visits! I miss the big hugs and cooking together in the kitchen and sitting around talking and playing games. I do look forward to things changing soon and I can do all of that with my children and go to parks and Skyline Drive. They can even come and watch me graduate in the beginning of 2022. I am ready for life to happen again.– Ramona A.