Submissions of reading logs can be submitted through the form below!

Prizes for the Reading Program

The reader will be able to pick a prize of their choosing up to a certain cash value.

$100 value prize for the participant who reads the most (in terms of pages)

$75 value prize for the best writing prompt response

$50 value prize for attending an open reading session! Attending a reading session will earn 1 entry into this prize! The more reading sessions your child/children attend, the more entries will be under the child’s name, and there will be a higher likelihood of winning! Open reading sessions will be held on July 17th and August 14th at the Kelley Street Garden from 3-4pm on both days.

The winner of this prize will be selected via a random raffle. Attendance will be tracked during each meeting. (Click Here for GPS to The Kelley Street Garden)




The Garden Grove of Books- Monthly Submission Sheet

This is the sheet that needs to be completed for July and August to submit information about how many books your child has read.

  • The Garden Grove of Books Submission Sheet

  • Please list the book titles with author and number of pages for each book down below.
  • 1) What was your favorite book, and explain why. 2)Talk about one character from a book you really liked and why. 3)Write about two new things you learned from the books you read this month. 4)Talk about one book that you read that you would recommend to a friend, and why.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.