100 Families Campaign – Extended through 2020

September 30 marked the initial close of our 100 Families, 100 Days housing campaign. This campaign was something new for us, pushing us to expand our outreach efforts, community engagement, and internal processes. The campaign launched June 15, 2020 with the goal of securing housing for 100 families by September 30. Utilizing CARES Act funding we sought to connect with local landlords, offering financial incentives, a damages fund, expanded online portal, and more to expand affordable housing options locally. At the start of the campaign we had near 100 individuals and families who were approved for a voucher but unable to find a place to rent.

Through the campaign we were able to secure housing for 30 new families while bringing on 11 new landlords. We hosted 5 online landlord/HCV sessions and expanded program awareness through two radio ads, website posts, and local news coverage. We have decided that since we were unable to reach our goal we will expand our campaign through the end of the year. This means we will continue our outreach efforts to strengthen and expand our partnerships with area landlords while continuing to provide the landlord incentive program.

October also begins the major developments with our Moving to Work (MtW) agency changes. This month includes the release of our MtW draft plan, public hearings and comment period, resident & participants events, and more. For more information on what Moving to Work designation means for HRHA operations and policy, check out www.harrisonburgrha.com/mtw