Garden Pride & Local Veggies

HRHA resident Anita was diligently weeding her garden beds this week. The beautiful blooms signaling the height of summer (and the height of weed season). Anita, who has been in HRHA housing for two years, has cultivated the many flower varieties from seed. “I have people stop and look from the road! I also have helped other residents who are interested in growing as well, like flowers or tomatoes.” The beauty of the property is difficult to miss!

Over at Commerce Village, residents have also been working to grow not only flowers, but garden veggies as well. Garden beds not only provide a space for reflection, joy, and good work, but can help support an individual or family’s food budget.

During the summer, the Harrisonburg Farmers Market provides an abundant variety of fruits and vegetables. For individuals or families who qualify for SNAP (The federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), the local farmer’s market (with support from community partners and the Virginia Fresh Match program) provides a matching program. SNAP participants are able to receive up to $20 of additional support to purchase local fruits and vegetables. You can learn more about and contribute to this program at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market Website.