VA Fair Housing Law Updated to Include “Source of Funds”

From J. Michael Hawkins, Virginia Housing:  

As a result of legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor, the Virginia Fair Housing Law has added discrimination on the basis of a person’s “source of funds” to the list of unlawful discriminatory housing practices.  “Source of funds” is defined as any source that lawfully provides funds to or on behalf of a renter or buyer of housing, including any assistance, benefit, or subsidy program, whether such program is administered by a governmental or nongovernmental entity.

This new provision has implications for the HUD Housing Choice Voucher Program administered by HRHA by helping to expand housing choice options for assisted households.

The provision allows an owner or owner’s managing agent to deny or limit a person’s rental or occupancy of a rental dwelling unit based on the person’s source of funds for that unit if such source is not approved within 15 days of the person’s submission of the request for tenancy approval.


HRHA will continue working towards efficient and transparent operations as we work with landlords, tenants, and HUD requirements. Somethings we are doing since launching our 100 Families campaign include:

For more about the new Fair Housing law provision, participating in the HCV program, and more, check out these brief videos developed by Virginia Housing: